20160304 2 Disaster Dashboard

Disaster Dashboard Released

Council has made a great move forward to let you know about and be prepared for disaster events!

Council’s Disaster Management team have developed The Disaster Dashboard to provide the City of Logan community with a useful information tool to assist in preparation for, during and after a disaster event in our City.  It has been designed as a single point of reference so that all important information is readily available in the one place.

How can the public can use it?

The Disaster Dashboard can be accessed by all iPhone, android and computer devices. Just type in www.disaster.logan.qld.gov.au

What are the benefits for you?

The more prepared we are, the better decisions we can make at critical times. By going to the site you can find out how to prepare for an emergency or disaster, access information as it is received and be informed about what you need to do to protect yourself and your family.

What type of information will  I find?

It depends on the disaster. If it’s a flood you will find a map and expected depths of water. Fires will show affected areas and likely direction for the fire front and how quickly it is moving. You will also find everyday information about traffic accidents, power outages, weather warnings, emergency contact numbers and information about how to be prepared for any disaster or emergency.

Please see below for details of Logan’s Disaster Dashboard and where you can find it.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions or improvements for the dashboard, as we are looking for opportunities to continually improve it.